Enjoy Great taste. Save Money, while Saving the Planet.

Refill your Soda Stream CO2 Cannister at a fraction of the cost  of the Big Box stores

Welcome to the Soda Exchange

Enjoy the great taste, healthy benefits and convenience of your Soda Stream, without the high cost of CO2 cartridge placements.

Enjoy Great Taste

Turn tap water into sparkling water with the press of a button,  so you can create refreshing sparkling water. Nothing beats the flavour and convenience of a Soda Stream beverage. Now you can enjoy these great beverages without the high cost of CO2 cartridge replacements. Each cylinder charges approximately 60 liters of water.

Refill Your Soda Stream

Soda Exchange uses only beverage grade CO2 in aluminum cannisters,  just like your favorite restaurants use to dispense their soft drinks. Your cylinders are returned sealed and sterilized for your protection.

Free Delivery

Free Delivery on orders of 3 or more. 
1-2 Cartridges $5 Delivery Fee.
We are located in Mill Bay on Vancouver Island, and deliver from Victoria to the Cowichan Valley. We will exchange cartridges at your doorstep. No need to run to the Big Box stores and pay twice as much.

WePay Cash for Your Used SodaStream CO2 Cartridges

If you have surplus SodaStream CO2 Cartridges you no longer need, why not turn them into cash?

We are expanding rapidly and need your unwanted CO2 Cartridges. We are currently paying $10  for cartridges in excellent to like-new condition. You can email us with what you have, and we will arrange to pick them up.

Nothing refreshes like cold, pure, sparkling water.

Even your kids will love the taste or sparkling carbonated water, without the nasty chemicals, sugar and unknown ingredients.

Introducing Soda Syrups from Organic Fair in Cobble Hill, Vancouver Island, BC

Our organic Ginger Ale Soda Syrup has a full spectrum ginger flavour, complemented with a touch of lime and spice. It’s got just a hint of heat amidst a refreshing, balanced ginger flavour. With fresh ginger root, it’s a great digestive aid after a wild night out!

Our organic Root Beer Soda Syrup is the real deal. Made with 12 organic herbs and spices including hops, this root beer hearkens back to the traditional soda fountain flavours of decades past. Enjoy this taste of nostalgia!

Our organic Cherry Cola Soda Syrup is made in the spirit of the soda fountain classic beverage, with real cherries and authentic cola flavour. This cherry cola is bright, complex and made with over 12 botanical ingredients. Can you say pretty please with an extra cherry on top!

Our organic Hibiscus Lime with Hops Soda Syrup is THE pink drink. Tropical vibes only while sipping this refreshing ruby drink. Hibiscus Lime is a wonderful drink mix or ice cream topper.

We were inspired by the hibiscus drinks of Jamaica and Mexico when we created this floral, citrusy beverage with just a hint of hop-y tartness. Cheers!

Our organic Lavender Lemonbalm Lemonaid Soda Syrup is an herbal lemonade that combines the floral flavours of lavender and lemon for a refreshing summer drink.

Let the sunshine in with this Tumeric Lemongrass Soda Syrup citrusy mixer the colour of summer rays. With grounding notes of turmeric and a splash of lime and lemongrass, this complex combo will brighten your evenings as a refreshing soda.

Serving Victoria and the Cowichan Valley.

  • Located in Mill Bay, between Langford and Duncan. We now deliver from Sooke to Sidney, and Cowichan Lake to Chemainus.
  • We’ll pick up your empties and exchange them with fully recharged cylinders.
  • Each canister is sealed and sterilized for your protection.
  • Beverage Grade CO2, just like your favourite restaurant uses.
  • We can set up recurring pick ups so you never run out.
Why pay more for your Soda Stream refill
when we can recharge your cylinder for  half the cost?

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