Soda Exchange is  an exchange program, bringing you refilled cartridges and exchanging them for your empties. You are paying for the CO2 refill. We deliver to your door, and exchange them on the spot.

Yes, we now can refill the pink quick connect SodaStream cartridges in the same manner we fill the regular blue twist on type of cartridge.


Should you want to move up to the quick connect cartridges with the pink labels we recommend you trade in your blue cartridges for the pinks at any retailer carrying the SodaStream products, and when you need them refilled, we will gladly do that for you.

Free delivery applies to orders with three or more items in the cart. If there are only one or two, you will be charged a small delivery charge of $5.00. We would encourage you to have three or more cylinders to take advantage of the Free delivery.

Yes. We buy all our cartridges from local Big Box retailers and pay full retail for them. Our exchange program receives CO2 cartridges from our customers, refills and exchanges them with another customer. You have the option of returning your used Soda Exchange cartridges to your Big Box retailer if you prefer.

We do not accept imitation or knock-off cartridges in exchange. 

We are a home based business and prefer to not have customers come to our home. In addition, insurance regulations do not permit it. It is more efficient if we can schedule you on our next available route in your area, usually within a 2-3 days.

No, you do not have to be home. We ask you that you place your empties where the driver can clearly see them, or add notes to your order telling the driver where they will be.  A small basket at your door would be ideal.

With the addition of our Smart Car to the fleet, we can now afford to deliver to more distant locations and maintain the same delivery cost as closer locations. That means we now deliver from Sooke to Sidney, and the Cowichan Valley including Cowichan Lake and up to Chemainus. Please keep posted for updates to other locations that will open up for deliveries. Deliveries from Ladysmth to Nanaimo up to Parksville are handled by our Nanaimo franchise.

Typically we deliver to Victoria and surrounding areas on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. We deliver to the Cowichan Valley and North on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Exceptions are made based on volume of orders and may change without notice. You are never more than a couple of days away from receiving your order.

We deliver any size of order, and are in Victoria 2-3 times per week, so you are never far away from a delivery day. Orders of one two have a $5.00 delivery charge.

Yes, if you own extra cartridges, you will save money on delivery and never run out. You can order brand new Soda Stream cartridges directly from our website. Just click here to order.

We fill CO2 cartridges to factory settings and weights. A SodaStream™ full cartridge weight can vary from 1088 to 1175 grams. Soda Exchange cartridges are delivered at the upper end of the Soda Stream factory setting, usually closer to 1175 grams or more total weight. Every cartridge is measured while filling to ensure you receive the maximum allowable content.

We usually call ahead or notify you by text as to when we are coming. We can meet you at the front door of an apartment building, but such deliveries need to be scheduled and coordinated to avoid wasting your, or the driver’s time.

In order to offer our services at the lowest possible cost and efficiency we provide two means of payment; E-transfers and credit card payments. We do not accept cash from delivery customers for security reasons. Our drivers do not make change and only deliver prepaid orders. 

Two likely possibilities:

  1. Washers – If you have two washers inside the receptacle which receives the refill’s threaded valve, remove one. The additional depth of two washers prevents the valve’s plunger from being fully depressed.
  2. Valve Plunger Type – Sodastream™ refills come with two types of valves. The difference is in the plunger – one has a flattened head about 1/4″ in diameter (on right in photo), the second has a much smaller plunger head about the same size as a tire’s valve. The first type requires  just a little bit more than “hand tight” to activate (one hand needed). The second type requires SIGNIFICANTLY more turning effort to activate (two hands needed).

You have to twist it further into place than you first might think. Make sure you don’t have the threads crossed. You can also disconnect the new canister and use a fingernail, or other hard object to manually depress the release to see if gas comes out.

We have exchanged hundreds of our Soda Exchange labelled cartridges at local retail outlets without any issue whatsoever.

We often exchange what we consider to be defective SodaStream™ cartridges and exchange them for brand new ones. The retailer returns all the exchanged cartridges to SodaStream™ where they are shipped thousands of miles to Mississauga for refilling and returned here so they can be purchased again in local retail outlets. The labels we stick onto the cartridges are a non-issue. If you no longer want your cartridge, we will even buy it back from you for $10. 

All purchases of any sort require an element of trust in the goods and services we purchase and consume. The same question could be asked of any grocery store product. We purchase and fill our cartridges with the same beverage grade CO2 that major breweries and restaurants use when they supply carbonated beverages to their customers. Our own family regularly uses large quantities of our refills with great enjoyment. We have almost 2000 customers now and our main goal with them is to provide a quality of service that causes them to reorder again and again. That would not happen with dubious products. Our filling process includes extensive cryogenic sterilization designed to facilitate complete filling of the cylinders to factory specs. Should this not address your concerns, SodaStream factory-filled cartridges are readily available at any big box retailer.

We have filled over 4000 of these and this is a first. There is a rather thick neoprene washer in the machine that seals the cartridges to the unit. It sounds like this may be missing or have fallen out, and leaving the plunger to connect more deeply with the cartridge. That would cause it to trigger the cartridge to release the CO2. Since it is the same result with both cartridges, it leads me to believe that the washer is missing.


PS: customer found missing washer had fallen out.